Tailored programs. Results driven. Defined goals/target races. Well organized. Easy to navigate program what I would call a well thought out on boarding program for new members.

Personalized plan to fit your needs, energetic and positive coaching environment, strategic goal setting and data use for each workout.

Environment is truly supportive, coaches all are extremely humble and giving. You need to experience the environment for yourself.

Working one-on-one with an Energy Lab coach has been a phenomenal experience. Nicole's detail-oriented training plans and enthusiastic optimism have helped me set and achieve new goals in both running and triathlon. Most importantly to me, Nicole always keeps perspective that this is a hobby - not a job - and it's supposed to be fun!

A triathete must learn to not only swim, bike, and run... consecutively, but also to navigate the myriad equipment options and training methods... not to mention the importance of sleep, nutrition, and hydration. Energy lab has the expertise to guide and support you through the all parts on the entire journey.

Customized training programs suited to your individual goals and fitness level, combined with a supportive environment that provides practical advice gleaned from years of triathlon experience. Has been a blessing for this relatively new triathlete.

Creates a tailored and structured schedule to get me to the starting line and across the finish line. Coach has modified schedule when needed to account for injury, family and work challenges . Highly recommend!

A supportive environment and coaching/training plans specific to your goals and lifestyle

The group training sessions help me achieve my goal of completing an Olympic distance triathlon. The coaches and team members are all supportive, and even pushes me toward achieving higher goals (i.e. 70.3 ironman). Coach Allison guided me to swim more efficiently and overcome my anxiety in open water. Coach Nicole patiently taught me how to get on my bike, transition to clip on shoes, and cycle…

So many options to train, as much or little as fits your schedule, challenging but doable group workouts, plus 1:1 coaching takes you to your next level fitness. Supportive environment that provides that push to achieve your goals.

Working with Coach Sara has been a game changer for my success as an athlete. I feel a new level of confidence showing up to a race knowing I am prepared to execute my race plan!

Atlanta Triathlon Club has been so instrumental in encouraging me and helping me train for my first Ironman. Everyone is so knowledgeable and kind. They are quick to answer my questions, even the silly ones. I trained with Coach Nicole and she is excellent!! She believes in me even when I doubt my abilities. She was my Sag for 8hrs as I completed my first century ride. I couldn’t have accomplished…

The Energy Lab coaches have been instrumental in not only helping me get faster, but more importantly, making the sport of triathlon more fulfilling. It's not just about tailoring weekly workouts specifically for me — although that is a huge help! I have learned so much about nutrition and recovery from my coach, which has helped me avoid injury, stay healthy, have better races, and have more fun!

The Atlanta Triathlon Club coaches are certified masters at their craft. I started with the club, not knowing how to swim, but was an avid cyclist, and an occasional, non-long distance runner. Coaches Ed, Allison and Tim have helped me achieve many goals, including swimming half-Ironman distances, becoming an even stronger cyclist, and running with an endurance mindset. I have even bigger goals…

Coach Tim developed a goal-oriented plan that fit both my skill level and schedule. Through rigorously monitoring my workouts and regular communication, Tim constantly fine-tuned my training regimen pushing me to consistently improve my fitness and build my confidence. His expertise and unwavering support have enabled me to achieve a level of physical and mental health I didn’t think possible.

The coaches, group activities, specialists, and support have been a critical part of helping me achieve my training and racing goals. There's so much conflicting information available it's very very helpful to have their expertise helping me sift through the "noise" in order to identify the priorities and focus on them. I have been a coached athlete for almost two years and I do not believe I…